When your trip goes wrong, who’ll get you out of trouble? (Spoiler alert: Your dedicated Business Travel Counsellor)

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When your trip goes wrong, who’ll get you out of trouble?

(Spoiler alert: Your dedicated Business Travel Counsellor)


A true business travel story

If you have ever wondered why you should book travel through Travel Counsellors for Business instead of doing it yourself, here is the number one answer: when trouble hits, someone has your back.

In these challenging times, when every trip is ultra-liable to disruption, that’s never been more important. Here’s a textbook example of how Travel Counsellors for Business recently saved the day for one of its clients.


Meet DJ Max … and Business Travel Counsellor Allison

Max (not his real name) is a DJ living in London. For the last four years, all his travel has been arranged by Bournemouth-based Allison Barnard, a Business Travel Counsellor since 2012.

On 19 May, Max travelled to the Algarve to produce his new album. At the time he flew out, Portugal was on the UK’s green list, meaning Max didn’t need to self-isolate or quarantine on return.

But on Thursday 3 June the UK government suddenly announced Portugal would move to its amber list from 4am on Tuesday 8 June. Anyone arriving in the UK after then would have to take two Covid tests instead of one and self-isolate for 10 days.

When incidents like this happen, thousands of people scramble for just a few airline seats to get back home before the change takes effect. You want to be on one of those seats. But who can you contact to sort it all out for you?

Absolutely no one is the answer if you booked your trip online. Good luck even finding a number to call.

On the other hand, if you booked your business trip through Travel Counsellors for Business, the chances are your Business Travel Counsellor will contact you to sort out your problem before you even know you have one.

That is exactly what Allison did for DJ Max. Like all Travel Counsellors for Business clients, Max had been allocated a dedicated Business Travel Counsellor as a single point of contact. Travel Counsellors don’t just handle your booking and then forget about you. They keep their eye out for you throughout you trip.


When the going gets tough …

In this case, Max wasn’t due to fly home with British Airways until after 8 June. Thanks to a tip-off from Travel Counsellors for Business 24/7 Duty Office, Allison got wind of the UK government status change for Portugal before it was announced. She immediately notified Max of the risk to his return plans and started hunting alternatives in case he wished to beat the 8 June deadline.

Like all Business Travel Counsellors, Allison has direct access to airline reservation systems, enabling her to check options and make changes ahead of travellers trying the DIY approach online. By acting swiftly, Allison secured Max an option for the last available business class seat home at a ticket price of £700.


Chasing the savings

Allison had already saved Max from having to self-isolate on return to the UK. Now she wanted to see if she could save him that £700 too. A few hours later, BA announced it was laying on additional flights to get passengers home before the 8 June deadline. Allison went back into the reservation system, changed Max’s original return flight to one of the new departures and cancelled the £700 business class ticket.

Max was able to finish his recording and, as a bonus, flew back to London City Airport, which is nearer his home than his original return airport of Heathrow. All through this process Max had been able to focus on his music because he knew Allison was focusing on getting him home.


The Travel Counsellors for Business difference

It’s in these situations, when you need a Plan B, that choosing Travel Counsellors for Business makes all the difference. All Business Travel Counsellors are experienced, self-employed travel experts. They work with Travel Counsellors for Business precisely because, unlike standard business travel companies, it is set up for them to deliver a full personalised service to regular customers.

When trouble hits, not only will your Business Travel Counsellor re-book flights, they can also find you accommodation at short notice and go the extra mile with services like hunting down a virus testing centre at your destination.

It’s small wonder therefore that Travel Counsellors for Business stands out. Travel Counsellors has a 5* Trustpilot rating and has been named three times as Money Saving Expert’s Top Travel Company for Customer Service during the pandemic. Travel Counsellors was also voted by customers as Best National Travel Retailer at the British Travel Awards.

But, dedicated as they are, even Business Travel Counsellors sometimes need a night’s sleep or take a holiday. Worry not: your back is still covered. We know emergencies don’t always have the good manners to kick off during the working week.

If you need assistance out of hours, a 1900-strong global support team is standing by to support you. All have the same commitment to the highest service levels as your regular  Business Travel Counsellor, and thanks to some smart technology they can instantly access all your trip details to find you a fast solution.


Travel disruption will outlast Covid

It’s worth remembering too that travellers’ need for a Plan B for will last well beyond the Covid crisis. Even in so-called normal times, aircraft going “tech”, industrial action, severe weather and security emergencies all make disruption a clear and present threat to any business trip. Having a trusted, expert Business Travel Counsellor to salvage you when things do go wrong is a reassurance business people will always want to rely upon.

As the investment guru Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” With Travel Counsellors for Business, as DJ Max found, you can be sure someone is on hand to cover you.


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