Sean Hickey: Evolving my service to keep travellers moving safely

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Business Travel Counsellor, Sean Hickey, works exclusively with clients in the TV production industry, so his work has been vital in keeping the nation entertained throughout lockdown.

Whilst TV production is a sector that has largely been exempt from travel restrictions, requirements and risks have changed meaning travel providers must step up to the plate.

As Travel Counsellors operate their own businesses under the Travel Counsellors franchise model, each business owner is empowered to flex the model to suit their clients requirements.

And that’s exactly what Sean did for his client, Renegade Pictures.

During the pandemic, Sean was enlisted to suggest destinations that were safe to travel to, working closely with producers at every step of the filming journey.

For a production company to involve their travel provider in planning and decision-making is uncommon in TV and a real testament to Sean’s expertise and the trust he’s built with his client.

As a result, Sean’s name was featured in the credits roll of the show, Channel 5’s Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild, something that almost never happens in TV and certainly is an accolade to be recognised.

Sean spoke to Managing Director of Travel Counsellors for Business, Kieran Hartwell, to explain how he has kept travellers moving safely throughout the pandemic.

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