Your new year’s business travel resolutions

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Your new year's business travel resolutions

Your new year's business travel resolutions


With the new year fast approaching and the inspiration of having 2020 vision over your company’s travel life, we take a look at some of the things you may need to tidy up to launch your organisation into the next decade.

Travel Policy

Start by reviewing your travel policy or if your organisation does not yet have one, create it. This does not have to be a huge, complicated document; it can be one sentence, for example, book all travel through a central point – that could be one person in your company or through your Travel Management Company.

And if you have a policy, check that it is still fit for purpose. If your company has grown since it was written, it will need revising. Does it cater for the number of people you have travelling or the variety of destinations they visit? Does it cover the different levels of individuals in the company? Make sure the threshold at which people may upgrade flights to premium economy or business class is clear.  

Are your preferred hotels still near the locations your travellers visit and are there enough of them? Even if better placed properties are slightly more expensive than those in your policy, people will not need to get a taxi to their destination; and where would travelling by rail rather than air be financially or environmentally sensible? Also, check that the amounts given for hospitality and meals are realistic.

Does your travel policy have buy-in from the top? This is very important and part of your new year’s resolution could be to draft a letter for signature by the CEO or a senior director to remind people that he or she is compliant with policy and is leading by example.

Loyalty pays

Make sure your organisation is a member of as many relevant airline loyalty programmes as possible. These can pay dividends in rebates on airline tickets, discounts on accommodation and rewards such as priority check-in, fast track customs clearance and lounge access; and individuals gain points too.

Review your info:

Keeping up to date records is not only an important part of your travel policy but also vital to mitigating risk. Whether someone travels once a year or once a week, you will need to know certain things about them to ensure your organisation and your Travel Management Company can make sure travellers are looked after if anything goes wrong. Take some time in the next couple of weeks to ensure your data is still up to date.

How are you keeping your travellers safe?

Top of most companies’ priority list used to be cost savings but now, it is duty of care, thanks to globalisation and an increasingly dangerous world. Duty of care of care is more complicated than ensuring an organisation’s employees travel safely; it applies to events from social unrest to adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, and is backed by equally diverse measures such as ensuring travellers are appropriately inoculated to having a company culture that encourages them to talk about their health, mental and physical.

Take a fresh look at your Meetings & Events

Face to face meetings are still essential for most businesses; they produce a vibrant, creative atmosphere and most important, build relationships. But they can also be a significant cost to your business. Take some time to review how you can get the most – financially and professionally – out of your meetings.

Next Steps

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