Is my business trip financially protected?

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Is my business trip financially protected?

Please note: This following content applies to clients in the UK. Please contact your Travel Counsellor for more information if you are a client outside of this region.

Is my business trip financially protected?

You may have heard the news about the regional UK airline Flybe, which ceased trading this week leaving passengers stranded across Europe. It’s circumstances such as this that highlight the importance of booking your corporate travel through a trusted travel professional. Many of the travellers stranded by Flybe’s collapse were corporate travellers, returning to and from the UK on European business trips.

Despite Flybe creasing trading in the early hours of Thursday 05 March, as soon as the news broke our Travel Counsellors and support teams ran reports to identify clients affected, and set to work to ensure they could continue to enjoy seamless trips wherever possible. Our corporate travellers can always be secure in the knowledge that, whatever the circumstances, they have a Travel Counsellor with a  24-hour support team behind them to keep them moving onto their next meeting, or safely back home.

What’s more, it’s circumstances like this that highlight the issue of financial protection in travel. It can be a complicated issue, which we’ve made very simple by ensuring that all corporate travel bookings made with Travel Counsellors for Business – whether that’s flights, hotels, car hire or transfers – are 100% financially protected.  We see it as our duty of care to look after every penny, just as we take pride in looking after every detail of our travellers’ itineraries.

This unrivalled level of protection also applies to flight-only bookings, which is a common type of corporate travel requirement that many other travel agents or travel management companies may not offer financial protection on. In addition, our 24/7 company community, of nearly 2000 people spanning seven countries across the globe, can offer support to our corporate travellers whenever, and wherever they need it. More often than not, circumstances like Flybe's collapse this week cannot be predicted, and many of our corporate travellers find it reassuring to know they have a Travel Counsellor behind them, helping them to get from a Business meeting seamlessly, and stress-free.

What’s more, we take the time to do due diligence, nurturing close relationships with our travel suppliers and partners to ensure that the companies we work with on behalf of our corporate travellers share our aim to always have our clients’ best interests at heart.

If you’d like more information about the financial protection provided by Travel Counsellors for Business, please get in touch with your Corporate Travel Counsellor who will be happy to talk through in further detail, and to discuss your corporate travel requirements.

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