What is a Travel Management Company? And why do you need one?

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What is a Travel Management Company? And why do you need one?

A Travel Management Company is different from a standard high-street travel agent. By specialising in providing corporate travel services, a travel management company offers significant advantages for businesses – whatever their size.

A Travel Management Company (or TMC) typically offers additional services to aid corporate clients. These can include:

  • Access to a wide range of services and deals suited to the business traveller at discounted prices
  • Better control over travel costs
  • Support in fulfilling your duty of care obligations to staff
  • Improved compliance with stated travel policies
  • Access to a greater range of tools and reporting, e.g. traveller tracking

Why Switch from a Travel Agent to a Travel Management Company?

TMC - Business Travel MeetingSome SMEs are happy using the travel services of their local high-street travel agent. Perhaps it’s what they’ve always done. Or perhaps travel bookings aren’t a huge expense for the business.

Nevertheless, even for small businesses, there are good reasons for switching to a corporate travel specialist: improved cost management, improved duty of care (and less exposure to risk), and improved travellers services and reporting.

Gain Control Over Costs

You gain maximum benefit when all your travel bookings are made through a single travel management company, especially if you have taken the time to set rules around travel and booking and shared these with the TMC.

This ensures that all travel is compliant with your rules and, importantly, recorded. In this way, you have full visibility at any point over who has spent what and when – so there are no shocks to your cashflow.

Save Money

Often it is the senior executives and sales people who travel the most. These people are also often the most expensive people on your payroll. So, it will save the company a lot of money if you can take travel booking and associated administration off their hands.  

What’s more, a specialist travel management company such as Travel Counsellors has access to thousands of travel deals and discounted rates – so you pay less for travel, accommodation, and other services.

Support Your Staff

Staff won’t only enjoy greater convenience when booking travel, they are better supported when travelling too. With a duty office monitoring world events and notifying affected travellers around the clock, you’ll have a level of support that your local travel agent just can’t give you.

This is better for your business too, because you are better fulfilling your duty of care to staff and reducing the associated risks to you and your organisation.

Next Steps

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