Quick Safety Tips for Business Travellers

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Quick Safety Tips for Business Travellers

Travel Counsellors provides a quick checklist for traveller safety. If you, your colleagues or staff have to travel overseas, here are a few of the important safety tips you should consider before you go and while you’re away.

Before you go

• Understand the risks before you go. At a minimum, check advice from government agencies about your destination.

• Ensure you have the necessary visas and documentations to travel, including an international driving licence if applicable, and all necessary insurance. If you book with us, your Travel Counsellor will advise the correct documentation for your trip.

• Make copies of your travel documentation and keep those copies separate from your documents.

• Ensure that the office (e.g. your line manager or travel booker) has all the details of your travel plans.

• Know what the escalation process is if you do encounter a problem while away. Know who should you call and what help you can expect.

• Make sure your office knows where and when you’re travelling. If you book through a Travel Management Company (TMC), ask about their duty of care provision. Working with a good TMC means that they should monitor any upcoming trips for potential problems and contact you if you are likely to be affected.

While you’re away

• Keep your head up and aware wherever you are. As a visitor, you often miss some of the social clues that can indicate a problem or danger, so keep your wits about you.

• Make an effort to understand and respect local customs and dress appropriately.

• Keep at least one back-up payment card or emergency supply of cash available. This must be separate to your wallet, so you can access an emergency payment method even if your wallet is lost or stolen.

• If you are driving, don’t allow the fuel to get low – if you aren’t familiar with the area running out of fuel is a real danger.

• Don’t use public Wi-Fi without some sort of personal encryption product (whether software or hardware). Check with your IT department for recommendations.

• If you don’t have access to a travel app which includes all your trip information, store the hotel contact details and your room number in your phone (without making them too obvious).

• If you are victim of a crime, report it to the local authorities straight away. You should also call your designated company contact (whether a line manager, travel booker or the travel company itself) so they can escalate it to your insurance company and organise any assistance you need.

• While most trips will pass without incident, if you do have a problem, call the office and your travel company straight away. If you need to evacuate for any reason, your travel booker will be able to make arrangements much faster than you can on the ground.

Next Steps

Travel Counsellors supports businesses fulfil duty of care obligations and manage travel risk. Our teams also support your travellers while they are away.

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