The Business Travel Buyer’s Guide: How your TMC adds Value to your Organisation

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The Business Travel Buyer’s Guide: How your TMC adds Value to your Organisation

As a Corporate Travel Manager, the relationship with your Travel Management Company is critical – it’s going to have the single biggest impact on service delivery and on the value they add to the business. So how can you maximise the value your TMC delivers?

The right choice of Travel Management Company partner is critical to your success as a Travel Manager – affecting the services you deliver, how they are delivered, the satisfaction of your travellers, organisational profitability and your own currency within the business.

But getting the best from your Travel Management Company doesn’t end at your choice of partner. To maximise your value, you need to proactively manage the relationship, the services being delivered and your travellers’ behaviour.

Understanding how to take such a proactive approach to managing your relationship with your TMC requires you to think critically about what your travel partner is delivering and why.

1. Access the best deals

Your TMC will give you access to negotiated discounts with hotels, the major chains, airlines and other travel companies. Its economy of scale will open great deals for even the smallest organisations.

2. Single point of contact for travel queries

Giving your staff a single contact for all travel bookings makes life easier and simpler – improving productivity and morale. Often it is some of your most expensive staff who are travelling the most, so reducing the time they spend on travel booking and administration can have a significant impact on the hidden costs of travel booking.

3. Expert advice

Your TMC should be on hand to help travellers make sense of the best deals – eliminating the need to use comparison sites, where often users are not comparing like with like. This way, you can reduce complexity for your travellers.

4. Helping with compliance

When travellers book through your TMC, your TMC enforces your travel policy to the letter; ensuring your corporate goals and duty of care are met. Your TMC will have a central record of all travel activity and spend, so the reports they provide will help you to expose non-compliance. Plus, you have the assistance you need to analyse and resolve issues.

5. Personal travel concierge

If your executive staff are booking their own travel, this is an expensive enterprise. Offering them the service of a dedicated Travel Manager at your Travel Management Company helps take away this pain. Your C-Suite travellers are demanding customers who can’t afford mistakes in their travel arrangements, so a call centre isn’t going to cut it; they need a personal contact who knows them, can make last-minute amendments and whom they can trust to get their travel arrangements right.

6. 24-hour support for staff

Your TMC can support your internal travel management operations and augment them with services you can’t offer internally – for example, offering traveller advice and support outside normal working hours. Emergencies, missed flights and lost passports don’t respect a nine-to-five GMT schedule – so this is one area your TMC can really add value.

7. Duty of care

Another important area where your TMC can add value is in supporting you to fulfil organisational duty of care to travellers. For maximum value, this should extend beyond a 24/7 manned helpline to proactive support for travellers. At Travel Counsellors, our 24-hour duty office is constantly monitoring travel and world events, so we can track travellers and keep them aware of potential issues and help them get home quickly in an emergency.

8. Access to the latest technology

Your TMC will also put the latest travel technology in your hands. This is especially valuable for smaller organisations and non-profits who otherwise might not be able to invest in these high-tech tools. Traveller tracking is the minimum technology solution you should expect.

9. Partner for improvement

Technology also has a role to play in the ongoing analysis of traveller behaviour your TMC can provide. By working closely with your TMC you can develop a culture of continuous improvement; continually tweaking services and proactively managing traveller behaviour in order to deliver incremental improvements for travellers and in compliance and cost reduction.

Coming Soon: In part two of The Business Travel Buyer’s Guide we will look at tips on how you can ensure you are maximising the value your TMC delivers.

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