The Future of Business Travel?

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The Future of Business Travel?

The High-Tech Travel We Could Be Enjoying in the Future

Let’s face it: electric and self-driving cars are just old hat in the world of high-tech future travel. The real travel visionaries are planning their trips by galactic space flight, high-pressure tubes and human teleportation (really!).

Supersonic aircraft

The demise of Concorde signalled a hiatus in travel pioneers’ ambition for supersonic travel. Now Sir Richard Branson has teamed up with Boom with the goal of delivering the first “affordable” supersonic trans-Atlantic flight. The first flight should happen this year, with the first commercial flight planned for 2023. At that point, flyers will be able to travel between New York and London within three hours and 15 minutes.

Drone taxi helicopters

In late 2017, Dubai tested a new taxi service that it hopes will serve the city in the not-too-distant future. This isn’t just any taxi service. It’s a taxi service manned (or, rather, un-manned) by drone helicopters manufactured by the German firm Volocopter. The two-seater unmanned vehicles are part of Dubai’s wider plans to become a smart city; it plans to launch the drone helicopter taxi service within the next five years.

Virgin Galactic space flight

Sir Richard Branson has announced that his space tourism company has plans to modify the development of its space tourism plane to allow travellers to make super-fast journeys outside of the Earth’s atmosphere – slashing the journey time from London to Sydney to just two and a half hours. The company has already succeeded in taking the craft beyond the stratosphere; so it shouldn’t be too long before high-speed inter-continental journeys will be a reality.

By contrast, Virgin Galactic estimates we will flying commercially in space in the next 15 years.

Hyperloop: travel by tube

Elon Musk isn’t satisfied with driving the global automotive industry towards electric-powered vehicles and self-driving cars. He now wants to get the world travelling by tube. Not the London Underground; rather, sleek floating pods which will whizz along high-pressure “Hyperloop” tubes between global cities to provide a super-fast and environmentally responsible alternative to air flights.

Musk has already initiated innovation in the vehicles or “pods” which will fly along inside the tubes by launching an international design competition that has drawn in the best student engineering talent from around the globe. Another international competition is assessing possible viable routes that Hyperloop tubes could span – for example, London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, commercial organisations are lining up to unveil their pod designs, test run speeds and proposed routes – including some who’ve got form with high-tech travel ambitions; both Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin and the city of Dubai are both getting in on Musk’s latest act.




The University of Maryland has filmed an atom being teleported; zapped across a room from one container to another. This has led City University New York professor Michio Kaku to claim that within a decade we will teleport the first molecule – and that human teleportation will be possible with four generations!

Not everyone is as convinced; researchers at the University of Leicester have argued that, given the trillions of atoms in the human body, it could take quadrillions of years to teleport someone somewhere – making walking a much faster (as well as more viable) alternative!

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