Three trends that are transforming business travel

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Three trends that are transforming business travel

The future of travel

iStock-516891176-SWe’ve already covered some of the latest trends in business travel; from the sharing economy leaders disrupting traditional accommodation, to the latest technology making it easier for businesses to track travellers and fulfil duty of care requirements. But what are some of the other trends which are set to overhaul how we think about business travel?





The days of travelling anonymously are long-gone; these days Uber tracks data from your journeys to predict where you will want to go next, and Google’s Trip apps trawls your Gmail account for flight and hotel booking to propose itineraries. The next trend looks to be linking guests’ social media profiles to hotel CRM systems, to provide bespoke menus of suggested activities, restaurants and sight-seeing opportunities. This may lead to increased numbers of bleisure bookings, which in turn highlights the need for a clearly defined travel policy and duty of care requirements.



Airbnb have already begun to expand into business travel, after dramatically changing the accommodation landscape for leisure travellers. Co-living takes this one step further; offering a cross between co-working spaces and house rentals which are ideal for the longer-stay business traveller. Working is central to the experience, but so is the social aspect. This is vitally important to traveller well-being, as often employees on overseas contracts can feel isolated without the support of colleagues, friends and family.



Duty of care and travel risk management have been growing in importance over the years, but the next facet of this trend is cybersecurity. There’s been a shift from traditional transactional fraud towards targeting traveller profile and booking data; which can give criminals access to passport and credit card numbers, home addresses and contact details. Booking data could also potentially disclose confidential business activities, which has lead to a renewed focus on industry solutions for privacy and security in the business travel sector.


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