Are you measuring business traveller satisfaction?

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Are you measuring business traveller satisfaction?

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Business on the goA new survey has highlighted how Corporate Travel influences employee retention, recruitment and results.  Its findings demonstrate how measuring business traveller satisfaction is important for both Travel Managers and HR Managers.  What should you be doing and how can you go about it?

A report published in October 2017 by the GBTA Foundation and the Sabre Corporation highlighted the “dramatic impact” corporate travel has on retention, recruitment and results.

83% of European travellers questioned in the survey said their business travel experience “at least somewhat” impacts their overall job satisfaction.  The figures were similar in Asia and North America – but the connection was most pronounced in Latin America, where 71% of respondents said their business travel experience impacts on their overall on satisfaction to “a great extent”.


A Growing Trend

Interestingly, the link between business travel experience and overall job satisfaction is strengthening.  Millennials showed the strongest link: with 88% saying business travel affects their job satisfaction.

The survey found slightly lower but still significant links with business travel policies and recruitment.  Half of all respondents in Europe said business travel programmes are an important factor when considering a move to a new employer.  This number rises significantly in North America and Latin America – with 56% and 66%, respectively, of respondents citing business travel programmes as an important factor when assessing job offers.

The survey highlights the importance of business travel programme development and assessment within the context of HR – and how travel managers need to work closely with HR to understand the wider business context of the policies they put in place.


Shared Benefits

How can HR and Travel Managers work together to ensure travel policies are leveraged to improve recruitment outcomes and retention rates?

Feedback from employees about how they perceive existing travel policies is a good starting point – offering insight into whether there are opportunities to further improve current business travel programmes.

If feedback shows that your existing travel policies are valued and are a strong reason for employees choosing to work for the organisation and to stay with the organisation, this strengthens the travel manager’s hand when it comes to demonstrating value to the business and securing future funding.


Opportunities to Deliver Business Value

If feedback shows significant levels of dissatisfaction, then further research needs to be undertaken to assess what direct impact this dissatisfaction in corporate travel policy is having regarding recruitment and retention. 

While negative feedback isn’t great to hear, it is important to consider the findings and act on them.  There is an opportunity here to deliver significant value to the business – don’t waste it.

At the same time, further research should be conducted to ask employees how they would like current policies to be improved will help to define future programme development.  Travel Managers are used to balancing complex needs and developing programmes that deliver value to the business through improved employee wellbeing, efficiency and productivity.  Considering the impact of business travel on recruitment and retention offers Travel Managers an opportunity to optimise the value of corporate travel policies to the organisation still further.


Find out more about the GBTA survey findings here:

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