What does safety feel like from the business traveller’s perspective?

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What does safety feel like from the business traveller's perspective?

Duty of care

Organisations know they need to think seriously about the duty of care they owe their employees when they are travelling for work from a legal perspective, but what does duty of care feel like when you’re the one making the journey?

We all know the things that make travel difficult: lost documents, lack of information, delayed or cancelled flights, unexpected problems – like volcano ash clouds or acts of terrorism.  From a traveller point of view, these can all be extremely stressful events.

But they needn’t be.

Having someone always on hand who can help you when things do go wrong, isn’t just vital for practical reasons like rebooking flights, couriering a replacement visa or finding you a hotel at short notice, it also removes a lot of the stress from the whole experience for the traveller.


app_bt2Always informed with our app

The best way to avoid losing documents is to store travel information digitally; thereby removing one possible thing that could go wrong.

All travellers booking through Travel Counsellors can download the MyTC app.  All their travel itineraries and documents are safely stored in the app.  What’s more, because it’s a digital system, travel itineraries are updated automatically.

Travellers should allow push notifications from the app and, this way, they will receive early notification if there are any changes to their travel arrangements – such as a delayed or cancelled flight, for example.  Flight alerts are colour coded in the app, so travellers can see clearly what, if any, disruption they will face.


Early warning support

Changes to travel schedules aren’t the only sources of travel disruption on which the Travel Counsellors team keeps a careful eye on behalf of your travellers.  While we can automate flight delay notifications quite simply for travellers, some events require a little more personal attention.

In our head office in Manchester, we have a team of duty officers who monitor global events in real time, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.  Our duty officers keep an eye on any political events, acts of terrorism, extreme weather events, other natural disasters and problems that could impact travel.

This early warning system helps our Travel Counsellors to proactively contact customers who may be caught up in events and support them in making alternative travel arrangements quickly and efficiently for travellers. 

Whether that’s helping to get travellers out of Thailand following the series of terrorist bombings, finding hotels when flights were grounded in Iceland because of a volcanic ash cloud, or making alternative travel arrangements out of Brussels when that city was attacked – the Duty Office plays a vital early-warning system role that gives Travel Counsellors’ customers a real advantage.


Rapid responses minimise disruption

Travel Counsellor Kashan Ashwell was contacted by a duty officer in March 2016 when a series of terrorist attacks in Brussels meant one of her business customer’s flight had been diverted from Brussels to Ostend.  Kashan arranged for a cab to be waiting for him when he landed at Ostend airport, which transported him to the nearest rental car office in the city centre.  From there, Kashan directed him to Lille where he returned the car and boarded a train to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

After flying home from Paris, the customer emailed Kashan to say, “I cannot even begin to fathom how I would have fared if you hadn’t led the situation in the way that you did.  I was only moving because of you.  We are all very grateful.”


Safety and security: from the moment you leave the office until you return

Early warnings – whether automated through the app or extraordinary personal contact in response to extreme events – are essential to minimise both disruption and stress for travellers.

Simply knowing that your Travel Counsellor is on the end of the phone and can be contacted at any time delivers huge peace of mind for travellers. 

Instead of facing hours of hold music, or unresponsive call centre staff, a Travel Counsellors customer knows exactly who is going to pick their call.  The power of a friendly voice, the knowledge that the Travel Counsellor knows you and your travel arrangements, and their swift action all create unparalleled peace of mind.

What’s more, Travel Counsellors’ network of global offices mean that no matter where a traveller is, there is a local Travel Counsellor who can step in and help with practical local support if they are needed.


For more information about how you can access these benefits for your business travellers, or how Travel Counsellors can help you fulfil your duty of care for your business travellers, contact your local Travel Counsellor.

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