The best apps for business travellers

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The best apps for business travellers

Traveller Tips

ipad-718411_640There are so many apps available for the modern business traveller.  But you needn’t wade through them all – here’s the Travel Counsellor’s pick of the best.

Staying Calm when Packing: PackPoint

Hate packing?  Then PackPoint could be for you.  It checks weather data, and allows you to enter information about the length of your trip and the activities you’ll be doing while away, to generate a personal check list to help you pack.


Staying in Touch: Skype

As well as enabling you to communicate with other Skype users for free when you have a Wi-Fi connection, Skype’s mobile phone app is a simple way to manage the cost of your phone bill and keep call charges low even when abroad.  By making low-cost calls over the Internet, you can save against your mobile operator’s costly international charges.


Saying it Right: iTranslate

This great-looking app offers translation and dictionary services for more than 90 languages wherever you are in the world.  Translate text or websites, lookup words, meanings and even verb conjugations – or just start speaking and iTranslate will recognise your voice, convert your words to text and translate them into your chosen language.  It even supports multiple language pairs offline so you can translate even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.


Air travel concept and modern technologyStaying Focused: Mindful Browsing

When you’re tired from travelling, it’s easy for your mind to wander.  But, if it’s important that you remain productive, then mindful browsing could be the app you need to stay focused.  It claims to “beautifully interrupt mindless browsing and get you back to life”.  You can specify sites you don’t want to spend time on – like Facebook or YouTube – and list things you’d prefer to be doing instead.  Instead of blocking the sites completely, Mindful Browsing asks you whether you’re sure you want to visit them, and then gives you another gentle nudge 10 minutes later.


Staying Focused: Strict Workflow

If you really need to buckle down to work, Strict Workflow takes a more rigorous approach than Mindful Browsing – by enforcing a strict 25-minute distraction-free work session followed by a five-minute break.  You can set a whitelist of the sites you can visit while working or a blacklist of sites you can’t.


Staying Healthy: Nike Training App

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, Nike’s Training Club app could be the answer.  It offers It offers more than 100 workouts you can work your way through.


Staying Healthy: Daily Yoga

Or, if you prefer the stretch to the burn, a yoga app like The Daily Yoga might work for you.


Staying Paperless: DocuSign

DocuSign enables you to sign documents electronically from your iPad or iPhone.  Instead of trying to find the hotel’s business centre, negotiate printers, and deal with couriers – you can simply sign the papers you need to while you’re on the move or from the comfort of your hotel room – it’s instant, encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained.


MyTCAppStaying in Control: MyTC app

Download the MyTC app before you go to ensure you have instant access to travel information, itineraries, and travel documents, as well as constant contact with your personal Travel Counsellor.  This essential app combines the very best of our personal service with the convenience of an app to ensure you have all your travel details to hand and receive information, updates, and details of any changes to your plans fast.


Staying Out Late: Yelp

Yelp is the go-to source of reviews for finding out about the local area, allowing you to access more than 135 million reviews of local restaurants and other attractions.  Give those recommendations from the front desk a reality check!


Staying Out Late: TimeOut

It might not be as extensive in terms of areas covered as Yelp, but the TimeOut app does have plenty of live information about the best dining, cultural and music events in more than 100 cities around the world.


And Getting Home Again: Lyft

Like Uber but with less bad press, Lyft is the ride booking service without an image problem.

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