Let us be your one-stop shop for business travel

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Let us be your one-stop shop for business travel

Travel Booking

BT_000033989248_LargeAre you worried you waste more time online searching for deals than is warranted by the money you save?  Do you wish the travel booking process was easier and better organised?  Would you like more visibility of where the travel budget is being spent?  There is an easier way…


What is more cost-effective than spending hours searching for the best deals online? 

What is the best way to easily and accurately make sense of the various unbundling and bundle-deal options airlines and hotels now offer?

Your Travel Counsellor, of course!

Why?  Because your Travel Counsellor is a one-stop shop for any kind of business trip – from simple online transactions, to complex group bookings, or corporate events.

Our personal 24/7 service, our access to travel discounts and specialist services, and our dedicated support services which support every member of your party on every step of the way, all add up to a unique combination of travel expertise.

It’s like having your own specialist PA who is dedicated only to travel.


A totally bespoke service

What makes Travel Counsellors unique is the way you experience our service: it’s a completely joined-up experience.

That makes a difference when you are stranded in a remote corner of the world following a terrorist threat and your Travel Counsellor calls you to let you know what’s happening and update you with new travel arrangements to get you home safely.  It makes a difference when you want to quickly see exactly what a global conference has cost you, without spending hours trying to make sense of multiple bills, spreadsheets, and currencies.  It makes a difference when you need a completely frictionless travel experience for your most valuable customers or executives.


Executives working on train. Business woman  working on train

We can book every element of a trip

Because your Travel Counsellor acts a bit like a personal assistant, we can help book as much or as little of your trip or event as you need us to.  Whether you need us to hunt down the best deal on a domestic flight or an international hotel, or you need us to support your planning of a global event or conference – including international flights from all your global locations, customer hospitality, venue booking, social event organising, limo transfers from the airport for your customers, and flexible return journeys – we will tailor our approach to help you.

You’re then backed up with personal service, automated reporting, access to the MyTC travel app for all your travellers, and the most proactive incident desk of any travel management company.

The service we offer is more and more highly valued by travellers of all kinds as airline fares and hotel costs become increasingly more complex.  


Finding the best value for money

Gone are the days when you had a choice of one simple fare versus an upgrade to first class.  Today, even seats next to each other can differ in price by hundreds of pounds. 

The way fares are subject to unbundling is another frustration of the modern traveller.  Something which sounds like it should give us more choice, serves to confuse and obscure the full cost of a fare. 

This is where your Travel Counsellor really adds value: cutting through the complexity so you know which service and which fare is going to work out best for you.

The unbeatable service, the flexibility, the insider knowledge and the expertise: it all adds up to your Travel Counsellor truly achieving the best value-for-money deal for you.

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