Business Travel: How to overcome travel frustrations

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Business travel: How to overcome travel frustrations

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Mark Twain argued that travel broadens the mind.  However, if you’ve ever suffered last minute travel changes, airport delays, or the indignity of trying to get any kind of compensation from a less-than-satisfactory travel service, you might not agree. 


We take a look at common travel frustrations and how to overcome them.



#1. Going through security

Understandably, security has been increased on all kinds of travel and hotels in recent years, but airport check-in remains a number one bugbear for travellers.  There are few things you can do to mitigate the delay and inconvenience it causes you:

  • Check local security requirements before you go – and make sure you comply with them.
  • If your airline offers the opportunity to check in online or for advance check in, use that service.
  • Some airlines and services offer a fast-track check-in service, especially for business-class or first-class services. The smooth check in and transitions between flights this allows for are compelling advantages of an upgrade.
  • Pack light – if you can fit your luggage into a carry-on bag, this can save a lot of time. However, new rules about the transport of electronic devices and laptops mean this may not always be possible.  If in doubt, check with your airline or Travel Counsellor.


BusinessPeople#2. An inability to make productive use of travel time

First-class and business-class upgrades are the way to go if you want to be sure of the opportunity, extra space, and reliable Wi-Fi connections you need to work on the go.  However, these obviously incur an extra cost that isn’t realistic for all travellers.

Many airports now offer public access to airport lounges on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Rather than paying for an upgrade to the whole journey, you can simply gain access to a lounge with Wi-Fi for a small fee.  This can buy some valuable comfort and space to work in, especially if you have a lay-over or lengthy connection hiatus to deal with – or, indeed, a travel delay.


#3. Last-minute changes or delays to service

As we saw recently, following BA’s disastrous IT problem, travel delays can quickly lead to discomfort and frustration.  Communication is a key part of avoiding or eliminating problems, so downloading the app of the company with which you’re travelling (if only temporarily) is great way to get advance notice of issues.

If you’ve booked through Travel Counsellors, you can download our MyTC app to access travel plans and notices. 

Plus, if there are travel, security, or other geo-political factors that may affect your travel plans our duty officers act fast to make sure you’re in the know.  You will be contacted by your Travel Counsellor directly, or by one of our duty agents, so we can help you respond and make alternative travel plans.

We’ll always do our very best to ensure you don’t get stranded in an emergency.


#4. Airport parking

Airport parking can vary dramatically in terms of cost, crowding, and ease of use.

Even a small amount of advance planning can make a huge difference to your first impressions and comfort when you reach your destination.

Your Travel Counsellor will be able to help you understand the options open to you at destination. 

Premium services often offer complimentary chauffeur services to or from the airport so, if you are travelling first class or business class, it could be worth exploring what extras you are entitled to as part of your package. 

If they aren’t included with your flights, you can book these services direct through your Travel Counsellor.  They can be especially welcome after a long flight and make for a much less stressful experience either end of your travel.


#5. In the airport

If you are travelling somewhere new, it’s definitely worth familiarising yourself in advance with your journey, and the options available, if you can.  As well downloading the My TC app, you might want to consider exploring the websites of the airports or hotels you’ll be travelling through or staying at.

You can find information, maps, details about shops, services, amenities, and lounges online.  A little bit of research before you go can make a big difference in orientation when you get there – especially worthwhile if you’re not au fait with the local language(s).

If in doubt, or you’re not sure where to start, please talk to your Travel Counsellor who will always be happy to offer advice.


What are your travel bugbears?  Share them with us and we will include possible solutions in future posts.

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