How to stay healthy when travelling

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How to stay healthy when travelling

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There is no denying that frequent travelling for work can take it out of you.  However, there are plenty of ways to mitigate how much stress is caused and how much energy is sapped by this necessary travel.


#1. Make Time for Sleep

Instead of packing your schedule with more meetings than even Gordon Gecko could cope with, make sure you schedule in time to get a good night’s sleep.  Arrive in plenty of time, and allow yourself some downtime after your appointment.  Punishing schedules don’t only affect your health, they can affect your performance, as this TED talk by Arianna Huffington makes clear.


#2: Take Advantage of Hotel Facilities

If you can, book a hotel with leisure facilities – a pool and steam room provide a great way to relax.  Even a small hotel gym can provide an opportunity to get some exercise, stay healthy, and release some tension.  In the larger cities and tech hubs, a new generation of “wellness” hotels are springing up, designed to specifically address the health and wellbeing of frequent travellers.  Your Travel Counsellor can help you find a hotel that meets your needs.


#3: Eat Healthier

One of the problems of being on the road, is the lack of control one can have over eating and drinking.  Unhealthy snacks, fast food, and high calorie hotel and restaurant dinners can leave you feel sluggish and less than your best.  Research has shown that frequent travellers are often carrying extra weight because of these poor dietary options.  You can avoid these problems by seeking out healthier restaurants, opting for the healthy option (don’t have the dressing; choose the fish and vegetables instead of the double cheeseburger and fries).  Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks, and maintain hydration with water and fruit teas.  Packing your own healthy snacks, fresh fruit, and plenty of water, not only makes it easier to eat healthier – it can be a lot kinder to your wallet (and mean less traipsing around looking for restaurants or snack bars; giving your more time to relax).


#4: Pack Your Own Mini-Gym

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you could pack your own fitness band or skipping rope and turn your hotel into a mini gym (although for the sake of your neighbours, if you intend to use a skipping rope, you’d probably better ask your Travel Counsellor to book you a ground-floor room!).  Alternatively, you could download a workout app like Nike’s Nike+ Training Club app: it offers more than 100 workouts you can work your way through.  Or, if you prefer the stretch to the burn, a yoga app like The Daily Yoga might work for you.


#5: Hit the Streets

Walking and running are really simple ways to up your exercise quota when travelling. For the sake of the space of your running shoes, shorts, and vest in your suitcase, you have got yourself the perfect way to see a little bit of the area you are visiting while also adding some exercise to your schedule, burning off some tension, and promoting better sleep.  Apps like Map My Run offer routes around the world that have been mapped by other runners – and can be a great way to see a bit of the city you’re staying in: 

Local city tourist boards can also be a great source of routes and walking tours, for example, Visit Manchester offers several walking city tours.


#6: Treat Yourself

If you can book a hotel with its own spa, then treating yourself to relaxing treatment can be a great way to recover from a long journey or a stressful day.  The rejuvenating effect of an Indian head massage, or a massage treatment can’t be underestimated!  Even a quick 20-minute facial or a manicure can give you a much-needed reviving break.  Of course, some airport lounges offer massage and facial treatments; speak to your Travel Counsellor about how to upgrade to a business lounge and ensure that you’re booked into the lounge facilities at the right time. 


#7: Find Different Ways to Socialise

A trip to the hotel spa is a great alternative to the usual team-bonding sessions of dining out or hitting the bars.  Instead of adding to your tiredness and sluggishness, your team-bonding activity is going to leave the whole team feeling more refreshed.  Your Travel Counsellor can offer advice about facilities in the local area, and book group activities for you.


What are your top tips for staying healthy when travelling?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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