Why Small, Medium & Enterprise businesses need a Travel Management Company

SMEs often assume that TMCs are too big or costly for smaller organisations to consider using them, however many TMCs have the services and expertise to help smaller businesses track travel spend, handle duty of care requirements, and save time.

Why Small, Medium & Enterprise businesses need a Travel Management Company

Tracking travel spend

Although SMEs have fewer employees, their organisation may travel frequently – making travel spend as difficult to track as larger businesses. TMCs can provide data, patterns and behavioural analysis around travel spend to ensure that SMEs can control their budgets, and get the best value for money. TMCs have access to better rates from airlines and hotels, and can identify the right balance between cost savings and flexibility.


Saving time

Smaller businesses often think they are better off booking their own travel, assuming this is the more cost effective option. However, it’s worth taking into account how much time employees are taking to book their own travel, and if their bookings align with the business’s travel policy in terms of spend. Often booking travel is not the main priority for employees who already have a full workload, resulting in bookings made at the last minute which are more expensive than if they’d been booking in advance.

Duty of care

Duty of care is no longer an option - it’s a requirement for all businesses. When bookings are made by travellers, personal assistants and even in-house travel managers often oversights occur when it comes to the organisation’s duty of care responsibilities. Travel managers may be able to enforce certain duty of care requirements, but unless they have a large team, they can’t provide 24/7 support for travellers.

No matter what size your organisation, or how much travelling you undertake, a Travel Counsellor can support your business travellers to find the best rates, fulfil your duty of care responsibilities and schedule most effectively. 

Our team negotiate better travel partnerships – we have enviable relationships with all the major airlines, access to industry brokerages, and financial clout in travel booking – and you gain access to these savings when booking with us.

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