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About Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors is a travel management company in the UAE who have delivered exceptional travel services since 2012. Since then, we have grown with and provided companies a  personalised travel service that meets all their travel needs.

Whether it's charming clients or engaging people, the value of meeting face-to-face cannot be underestimated.​ The overall sentiment from our clients is a general acceptance that testing, change and risk are all part and parcel of the everyday now, and a willingness to travel with these factors in mind in order to reap the benefits.​ 

As the world begins to open up, now is the time to be talking about travel; revisiting, or creating for the first time, a watertight policy, agreeing what constitutes permissible travel and planning for the future.​ 

As we get to know your organisation inside out, Travel Counsellors are uniquely positioned to provide expertise and service for businesses looking to get back to travel.​ 

Global Travel Management Company ​ 

96% customer satisfaction score

Over 1,900 Travel Counsellors globally​ 

Presence in 6 countries globally

What does personal service mean?

When you choose Travel Counsellors, you choose a skilled professional who truly understands your business and the travel solutions you require. Not only does this save you time and money but offers invaluable advice and peace of mind to your people – helping them to understand their options and make the best choices. Instead of hours spent online, this greater clarity comes from a single phone call – so your colleagues can be more productive too. 

However you book your travel, it’s likely you are using a variety of online tools and apps. These tools have proliferated in recent years, but can serve to make comparing services and prices more difficult. This opacity in pricing, the hidden costs, and extras all add complexity to the comparison and travel booking process – meaning it can take up even more of your time.

What happens when your travellers change their plans? A phone call to the hotel, airline, transfer company, some time on hold as you wait for the arrangements to be changed, or be told “no”?​ 

Why make three calls, explaining yourself over and over, and waste time on hold, when a simple call to your Travel Counsellor could get the job done efficiently.

Our Model

What makes Travel Counsellors different from the rest?

  • With us…it’s personal
  • We put the client first and always do the right thing by you​ 
  • We take a human, caring approach
  • Global supplier relations​ 
  • Strategic Account Management
  • We’re here for you 24/7​
  • Concierge service without the VIP price tag​
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Our Capabilities

How our service and capability will help your business to succeed

  • Travel Counsellors located globally 
  • Dedicated, high touch, personal service delivery​ 
  • Flexible approach tailored to each client​ 
  • With you every step of the journey 
  • Proprietary Technology​ 
  • Reporting and Analysis​ 
  • Local head office in Dubai
  • You stay in control​ 
  • Duty of Care and Traveller Safety 
  • Visibility of travel spend​ 
  • Leverage best deals with travel suppliers
  • Global Head Office, Manchester, U.K.

Responsible Travel

We care for our people, our customers and our communities – both those we live in and those we send our customers to every day. Your Travel Counsellor can give you advice on the right steps to make a positive impact through your travel. 

We provide training and have developed ‘green leaf’ hotel product in our in-house booking system to enable our community to provide sustainable travel choices to their customers.  

As part of this commitment we have partnered with international charity, The Travel Foundation, working together to help preserve the world for future generations to enjoy and explore. 

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