A new level of understanding.

myTC Insights will help you see the full picture when it comes to your travel programme. It unlocks impactful, actionable insights and makes creating and sharing reports less stressful.

The state-of-the-art travel-data management tool

myTC Insights is tailored to your business, and lets you explore the data that’s important to you and your business.

From cost savings to efficient ways to scale up, myTC Insights helps your business to stay competitive.

Powerful AI automation makes creating and sharing reports quicker and easier, with automatic data cleansing to ensure its quality.

Bespoke to your business

Consolidated data

myTC Insights pulls in all of your data for one single source of truth.

Customisable dashboards

Tune them to show data that’s important to you and create bespoke reports easily.

Big picture or granular details

Drill down into the data as far as you need for insights to help your business stay in control.

Financial insights are just the beginning

myTC Insights gives a genuine holistic view of your travel programme above and beyond the commercial:

Monitor and review the environmental impact of travel across your business.

Duty of Care
Identify potential problem destinations, and help to ensure your travellers arrive in great shape.

Travel insurance
Use data to assess the travel insurance you need for your programme.

Painless reporting

Creating and sharing reports is much simpler and rewarding:

AI-powered automation removes duplicates and auto-completes missing data to help keep the quality high.

Schedule automatic reports at frequencies to suit you and your business. Create unique dashboards for each one.

A library of pre-designed templates means your reports always look professional.

Your data is secure

myTC Insights collects, stores and saves your data securely.

Your data is downloaded from all sources you specify, so you have complete visibility of travel throughout your business.

It’s only ever used to provide you with insights about your travel programme and you are always in control.

myTC Insights is for travel programmes of all sizes

Our travel data-management platform can bring benefits to all businesses.

SME level
Request reports and insights from your dedicated Travel Counsellor.

Enterprise level
A unique, annual licence for myTC Insights. Use it as often and in as much depth as you need. Full training and integration support is provided.

For everyone
Any business is welcome to purchase a licence if they would like full access for their business.

The best of both worlds

myTC Insights enhances the service your Travel Counsellor provides.

Their understanding of world travel is key to interpreting the data and unlocking exciting ways to evolve your programme together.

See for yourself how myTC Insights can help you realise the opportunities in your travel programme.