Our Capabilities

We don’t “do” opening hours at Travel Counsellors.  We are here to support you and your business.

More than 96% of our customers say they would recommend our service – one of the highest approval ratings in the world.  It’s not something we take lightly; our team strives every day to raise the bar. 

Dedicated and Personal

When you allow Travel Counsellors to look after your business travel, our personal touch begins from the outset.

Personalised set up and configuration for every company 

Personalised profiling and exceptional service delivery for travellers 

Access to a dedicated Travel Counsellor 24/7 who will know you and your business

Continuous development of your travel program 

MyTC - Our mobile app available to all travellers for each and every trip

Your employees can benefit from the companies relationship with regards to their personal travel requirements (luxury holidays etc) 

Advice and guidance for every trip during and beyond the pandemic 

Our Duty of Care

Duty of care is no longer an option - it’s a requirement for all businesses.  At Travel Counsellors your team are in our primary care and we have their safety at the core of our business.

Safe and secure travel

Our in-house Duty Office and Health & Safety teams are dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure experience for your travellers.

24/7 support

Our 24/7 monitoring provides our Travel Counsellors with important information about potential disruptions; they will locate travellers at risk; and support with emergencies and re-booking of travel.

High-touch personal service

Your travellers will not have to rely on scheduled alerts and updates alone, our high-touch personal service ensures our technology supports our human approach.

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Travel Policies

Successful travel managers understand the importance of having a robust business travel policy in place. Not only will a policy help manage expected travel costs, but it will also help keep travellers safe and clearly define what is and is not acceptable when on a business trip. 

Effective compliance will require you to work in close partnership with your Travel Counsellor to ensure maximum compliance from travellers and bookers and to identify and understand areas of non-compliance. Making it clear from the start what the penalties are for non-compliance should help to get everyone on board. 

VIP Services

Where there are VIP guests in attendance, your Travel Counsellor will dedicate themselves to the VIP to ensure that at every stage of their journey they have someone on-hand to cater for their every need. There are no limits to what we can offer a VIP, from meet and greet services to helicopter transfers and concierge services, we’ll ensure all of your VIP’s preferences are met – first time, every time.

Some of the services that we offer:

  • VIP Check-in
  • Supplier notification of VIP in attendance
  • Meet and Greet Services, including airport fast-track
  • Concierge service (restaurant, theatre, sports, and more)
  • Executive Jets to Commercial Charter
  • Private Yacht charter
  • Helicopter transfers
  • Personal Luxury/VIP Holiday bookings

Leading Technology

Our large in-house technology development team have created a world-class booking platform, Phenix, developed for the specific needs of our customers and Travel Counsellors alike.

The Phenix platform aggregates fares, product, invoicing and client information content in one place. This ensures rich content for customers and efficiency for our Travel Counsellors leading to efficient turnaround times, accurate invoicing, reporting and visibility of your business with Travel Counsellors.

In addition, myTC, our mobile travel app allows you to view quotes and bookings on the move, as a group or as an individual, giving you real-time travel updates. 

End to End Travel Solution

Account Management

Your Travel Counsellor will regularly review your business needs, service levels, budgets and feedback to ensure your business is supported beyond expectations. 

Data as a service

We provide travel management data to support your business insights and budgeting. Your own Travel Counsellor has access to data to meet many of your needs from carbon footprint to cost per traveller to understand your ROI.

Our reports and analysis reveal travel patterns, identify savings and monitor compliance helping to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Our team negotiate and create travel partnerships. We have enviable relationships with all major airlines, access to industry brokerages and financial weight in travel contracts which is great news for your travel budgets.

Core Travel Components 

  • Air Travel 
  • Accommodation - Chains, direct, bed-banks & more
  • Car Rental, Chauffeur, Taxi 
  • Passports & Visas 
  • Corporate Events 
  • Conferences 
  • Rail Travel


  • Fast Track
  • Airport Transfers
  • Airport Lounges
  • Group & Incentive Travel

Executive and VIP

  • Meet and Greet 
  • VIP Check in 
  • Fast Track 
  • Commercial Charters
  • Private Air & Marine
  • Full concierge service
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Theatre tickets
  • Sporting events
Let us review your travel needs, with no obligation Talk with us