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Welcome to my business traveller page.

With me, your business travel is in very safe hands. I look forward to chatting with you about how I can help you and your business.

As a business traveller, you want to ensure that each trip runs as smoothly as possible. You have a schedule to keep, may have to work on the move and you want to take advantage of whatever downtime you can get. I know this because I myself was a business traveller for many years so it is from experience that I am able to guide you and I see things from your perspective.

When I am dealing with my busy professionals, I try to understand their personal needs as much as I can so I can match their requirements perfectly. I know how horrible it is to be stuck at an airport with a long delay and no idea where the nearest hotel is. So I make sure I am always available to help in such a situation and when plans change at the last minute, to keep stress levels down! No call centre to navigate - just get in touch with me.

Should you work alone and need someone to look after your individual travel plans, or as part of a team and need to keep track of the travel budget, I am here to help your business and to make all of the travel planning as hassle-free as possible. Whether you prefer to travel first class, business or economy and stay 5* or budget, I am always on hand to assist you.

I'm contactable at 055 438 6868 or by e-mail at, and I am waiting for you to get in touch.


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