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As a business traveller, you require service and support 24/7. You need someone that understands your requirements, knows your preferences and is able to deliver on time, every time and within budget. Someone that appreciates the costs involved and strives to manage it.
That’s why I am here.

Being a Travel Counsellor, has given me the opportunity to provide you with the service you require. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Being there when you need us and taking care of all the complexities and changes that comes with business travel.

As a frequent traveller myself - having been to over thirty countries and many more cities, I appreciate and understand the importance of these requirements.
From air travel, to rail tickets, last minute hotel requirements – I can arrange it all. Most importantly, I am available 24/7 – able to assist with any changes, delays or unforeseen circumstances.

With our award winning technology, we are able to manage your travel, provide relevant reporting and adhere to company travel policies.
As a company, we have access to over 1300 people worldwide, providing local knowledge and support where required.

Give me a call today – and let’s make your business travel, one less thing to worry about


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My corporate testimonials

Sent by John Rodus

Naeem is so very knowledgeable and understanding of clients requests, Thank you.

Sent by Ayham Swed

A successful travel coordinator, would be a friend who is trying to help ...and that is exactly what Naeem provides. We love dealing with him and will continue to do so

Sent by Farzanah B

Naeem offered great advice & was very patient while we made our decision.

Sent by Saaleha M

Naeem is a pleasure to deal with. He is always available and goes the extra mile ensuring his clients are happy.

Sent by Anooshan Subramanie

Naeem is very reliable and efficient and I will not hesitate to refer him to family and friends.

Sent by Naveshan M

Naeem’s customer service is brilliant, to the point information and efficient service. Keep up the great work.

Sent by Ayham S

A successful travel coordinator would be a friend who is trying to help ...and that is exactly what Naeem provides. We love dealing with him and will continue to do so.

Sent by Raadhiya M

Super efficient and reliable service from Naeem

Sent by Fatima O

Alhamdulillah great service from Naeem . Very responsive and provides continuous updates without any issues. Most importantly the service was completed and in good time.

Sent by Ismail M

Terrific service and pricing. Personalized advise and costs. Naeem is terrific

Sent by Imraan V

Amazing service from Naeem and always availible to make all my vacations extra special

Sent by T Govender

Naeem is always very honest and upfront about everything. I really appreciate that. A lot of travel agents sell you something and when you arrive it’s disappointing. I’m always happy and my expectations are always exceeded.

Sent by Ebrahim P

Naeem Patelia was as always brilliant-highly recommended

Sent by S Singh

The travel agent was amazing. I will give him a hundred percent. He was very helpful. He provided me with the best accommodation. He sent us the location. I will surely use Naeem again n i have given his number to friends.

Sent by Delon B

Naeem is very prompt and efficient. Easy to communicate with. Listens to ones needs

Sent by Asiya B

A heartfelt and sincere Thank you to Naeem for all his personal assistance in planning our Holidays...

Sent by Adhila K

Naeem provides super professional service and is always available beyond working hours

Sent by Soogra H

My service with Naeem has been easy and found him to be very efficient, it was a pleasure to contact Naeem knowing that I will not have to stress at all for my travelling requirements. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Sent by SalahEddine H

Naeem has been Very helpful, and provides full support Goes beyond the expectations

Sent by David G

Great professional service and Naeem goes above and beyond to satisfy his Clients. Never had a poor experience when dealing with Naeem or Travelcounsellors. Keep up the good work and look forward to working with you again very soon!

Sent by Ayesha T

Naeem has been phenomenal in assisting me with my million requests and questions. Highly recommend using Travel Counsellors. Wishing you success in your business always!!!

Sent by Riyadh C

Excellent and accommodating service from Naeem