Bringing a new efficiency to your everyday

myTC Online speeds up the process of booking straightforward trips, and frees up more time for you to work with your Travel Counsellor to personalise those trips that make a real difference.

More than just a time saver

myTC Online is infinitely scalable and can support your business as it grows.

It empowers you to manage all of your travel in one place, with the power of digital for online bookings, and the expertise of your personal Travel Counsellor for more complex ones.

Its data provides a much richer overview of your travel programme, whilst built-in controls give you reassurance over travel policy and spend.

myTC makes your life easier

Intuitive to use

myTC Online is as simple to use as a consumer travel platform. 

Saves time

No more searching across multiple websites for rail and air travel, hotels and car hire – it’s all on myTC Online.

Like having your Travel Counsellor at your fingertips

With our expertise built in and all of your past bookings to hand, myTC Online is an extension of your dedicated Travel Counsellor.

It's still personal

You might wonder what this means for our famous personal service. myTC Online doesn’t replace that, it magnifies it.

By saving you time on routine bookings, you have more time to work with your dedicated Travel Counsellor on trips which do need that personal touch. It’s the perfect blend of personal service and digital power. 

Together we can ensure that each traveller has exactly what they need, no matter how challenging the itinerary.

Benefits across the business

It’s not just Travel Managers who benefit from myTC Online.

Travellers have all the information they need for their trip, helping to ensure it’s the best it can be from start to finish.

Human Resources sees that traveller wellbeing and duty of care are considered at every stage of trip planning.

Owner/Finance Lead can take control of the business’ travel spend while maintaining its momentum.

Clear and simple to use

You can use myTC Online with little or no training thanks to its intuitive interface.

But although it’s simple to use, it’s packed with all the expertise you expect from Travel Counsellors for Business.

It’s easy to select multiple items to create one trip for travellers. Then simply check out – invoicing and payment are handled automatically.

It's still personal

myTC Online helps you stay on top of every traveller, every trip and every destination.

myTC Online syncs with the myTC app, giving travellers everything they need, including the headspace to give their best, and not worry about the trip.

If something doesn’t go to plan, then your Travel Counsellor is available to help, just as they are now.

Why myTC Online?

  • A more efficient way to handle routine bookings
  • Free-up time to focus on more challenging trips
  • Reporting and cost-control tools
  • Infinitely scalable – can support your growth
  • Peace of mind for you and your travellers
  • An extension of your Travel Counsellor’s expertise
  • Creates time to work more closely with your Travel Counsellor, who is always just a call away
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